Energy Efficiency

No Cost Ideas to save energy at your home
Orienting the living areas to the south side of the house receives most of the sun throughout the day during winter.

Bigger windows on the south side of house allows more sun to enter the house thus making the room warmer during winter. While windows on the north side of the house should be smaller so that less heat escapes at night.

Keeping doors and windows opposite to each other allows a cooling breeze to flow through the house  in the evening when the air cools down , during summer.

Position doors and windows opposite each other to allow for a cooling breeze to flow through the house when the air cools down in the evening of a hot summers day.

Polished concrete, tile or slate floors and brick walls reduces the need to run expensive heaters since they absorb heat through out the day and release it at night

At night, close the curtains it keep heat in the room

During winter turn the heater just  down by 1 degree Celsius - this can cut as much as 10% from your heating bill

Never set the thermostat too high on water level -  60 deg. celcius is usually high enough

Always turn the lights off while leaving the room for long period.

Switch off the computers when not in use and use screen saver on computers

Avoid standby mode for long periods – switch off Televisions, video and Hi-fi system at the set.

Defrost fridges and freezers regularly. It keeps them running efficiently.

Keep  fridge or freezer away from cookers and heaters whenever and wherever possible.


Low cost Ideas

Using a energy saving light bulbs may save your energy by 80% as compared to the traditional light bulbs. They also last longer 10 times as long.

Low Cost Ideas
The following tips may cost a little, but they will help you make considerable savings on your energy bills

Fit Heatkeeper radiator panels behind radiators on external walls and prevent heat loss through the wall, estimated at up to 70% of heat generated. These panels will cut heating bills by up to 20%, saving £60 a year for an average 3 bed semi

Putting a lagging jacket around your hot water tank and insulating hot water pipes can pay for itself in just a few months with the money you will save
Put draught strips around external windows and doors and fit a flap across the letterbox