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Other Opportunities/Funding and Scholarships
The Midwest Renewable Energy Association promotes renewable energy, energy efficiency, and sustainable living through education and demonstration.
The Institute for Education, Research, and Scholarships (IFERS) is a California-based, 501(c)(3) nonprofit public charity organization dedicated to improving society by providing resources to high achieving students, scientific researchers, nonprofits, and educational organizations.

Education and Internships
SEI provides education and training to decision makers, technicians and users of renewable energy sources. SEI also provides the expertise to plan, engineer and implement sustainable development projects.

Funding and Scholarship
A scholarship awardee can specialize in the following areas in the Energy Field of Study

  • Energy Technology (ET),
  • Electric Power System Management (EPSM),
  • Energy Economics and Planning (EEP).

Funding and Scholarship
A limited number of departmental scholarships, worth £1,500 per year, are awarded on the basis of academic excellence. Science Scholarships are also available

Othe Opportunities/Education and Internship
The School of Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy Engineering is internationally recognised for its research in the area of photovoltaics, most of which is now conducted under the ARC Centre of Excellence in Advanced Silicon Photovoltaics and Photonics.


Education and Internship/Funding and Scholarships
The Institute for Energy Systems (IES) conducts world-class research into the systems that control the conversion, transmission and utilisation of many forms of energy.

Education and Internships/Funding and Schoalrships/Other Opportunities
DOE offers a number of scholarships, internships, and fellowships for students and teachers that have an interest in energy-related studies, careers, and research.

Funding and Scholarships
Connecticut Clean Energy Fund, is an organization working to foster the development of clean energy markets and technologies and make it easy and affordable for Connecticut citizens, businesses and other organizations to buy clean energy.

Other Opportunities/Education and Internship
Arizona Solar Center, a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote the use and utilization of solar energy.

Other Opportunities
The programme has cooperation agreements with universities abroad with the aim of intensifying exchange of staff, students and curricula in the field of postgraduate renewable education.

Other Opportunities
Research Institute for Sustainable Energy is an institute assisting the development of the Australian sustainable energy industry through standards development, equipment testing, research and development, demonstration, education, training and policy analysis.

Education and Internship
The Renewable Energy Policy Project (REPP) Internship Program trains candidates and provides experience in effective research, analysis, and synthesis of renewable energy and energy efficiency topics relating to clean energy policy.

Education and Internship/OP
Solar Now is dedicated to renewable advocacy and education and reasearch on renewable energy resources with particular emphasis on solar photovoltaics.

Fuel Cells 2000 is a nonprofit program to educate people around the world about the potential benefits of fuel cells, an advanced energy generation technology.

Funding and Scholarships
The Foundation is committed to providing balanced information regarding the use of water as a renewable energy resource in the Northwest.The Foundation for Water and Energy Education (FWEE) is awarding five, $1000 college scholarships to students who write the best essays about the Northwest's energy future.

Funding and Scholarships
Dakota Electric Association is a member-owned, nonprofit electric utility serving parts of Dakota providing Each year Dakota Electric awards scholarship funds to area high school and college students.

Renewable Biobased Energy Systems in Sweden scholarships program is sponsored by the Department of Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering in the Colleges of Agriculture and Natural Resources and Engineering.

Funding and Scholarship
3R Residual Resources Research

Other Opportunities
Collaborative Training Account (CTA) scholarships are available for the Renewable Energy Flexible Training Programme (REFLEX).

Other Opportunities/Education and internships
The Centre for Sustainable Energy Systems (CSES) is a departmental centre within the Department of Engineering within the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology providing teaching support for the undergraduate and masters programs presented by the Department of Engineering.

Education and internships
Sustainable Energy Systems and Management (SESAM)
The 18-month postgraduate MSc study course prepares participants for employment in both local and international environments.

OP/Funding and Scholarships
2006 RMEL Foundation Scholarship Recipients -In an effort to encourage students to enter the electric utility industry, the RMEL Foundation annually provides scholarships to deserving students pursuing careers in the electric energy industry.

Funding and Scholarship
MSc in Sustainable Energy Systems scholarship course has been offered by the Institute for Energy Systems which is part of the School of Engineering and Electronics at the University of Edinburgh.

Funding and Scholarships
Alcoa Engineering Scholarship is a scholarships offered to all first year engineering students at Murdoch's Rockingham Campus.

Funding and scholarship
Civiltest Scholarship-A University of Adelaide Postgraduate Scholarship offering to full-time candidates undertaking either a MEngSc or PhD degree and Renewable energy engineering.

Education and Internship
Latin American Energy Organization (OLADE) and the University of Calgary (U of C), with the support of the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), developed in Quito-Ecuador a Master of Science in Sustainable Energy Development Degree Program for students from the Latin America and Caribbean Region.

Educationa and internship
Sustainable Energy Systems and Management (SESAM) is an 18-month postgraduate MSc study course scholarships offered in University of Flensburg,Germany.

Education and Internship
Centre for Renewable Energy Systems Technology (CREST) is a technological renewable energy systems Inc. offers a range of advanced engineering courses in renewable energy, including: MSc in Renewable Energy Systems Technology (Flexible / Distance Learning),European Masters in Renewable Energy,short courses relating to rewable energy systems.

THE AUSTRALIAN INSTITUTE OF ENERGY VISION, MISSION, OBJECTIVES AND STRATEGIES is to promote understanding and awareness of energy issues and the development of responsible energy policies in Australia.

Funding and scholarship
The Camborne School of Mines Undergraduate Scholarship scheme will provide 15-20 awards, worth £2000 for each year of study, to students commencing their studies in October 2006.

Funding and Scholarship
Established in 2001 to support outstanding students in advanced studies of sustainable energy development , the e8 Scholarship Programme offers two-year scholarships to Masters and Post-Doctoral students.