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Books & Reports

Layman's Guidebook
How to Develop a Small Hydro Site.
download pdf file
Best Practices for Sustainable Development of Micro Hydro Power in Developing Countries
download pdf file
MSC Thesis in Hydropower Development
Hydrological Analysis for Bheri-Babi Hydropower Project Nepal
download pdf file
Mannual on Micro Hydro Development
download pdf file
Biogas Technology
A Training Manual for Extension
download [I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI]
National Energy Situaion Survey Report
Focus on Renewable Energy & Poverty Reduction
download doc file
The Nepal Biogas Support Program
A Successful model of Public Private Partnership for Rural Energy Household Energy Supply
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Battery Care Manual
Nepali Version
download pdf file
Analysis of HMG Policies and Regulations Affecting Electrical Vehicles Final Report 2003
download [Final Report , annex 1, annex 2, annex 3, annex 4, annex 5]